Patrik Kovács, President of JEUNE was highlighted speaker of the Workshop in the YES Network project. JEUNE is providing know-how and expert knowledge in this project to help the Macedonian entrepreneurship development. The President’s co-speaker was Michael Lee, Founder of YES Korea and Founding Chairman of G20YEA.


YES Network Trainingfor trainers

YES Foundation started the implementation of the YES Network project. The project
aims to strengthen the activities for inclusion of youth on the labor market, through collaboration and networking of CSOs which are realizing activities for young entrepreneurs.

One of the initial activities of the project was the Training for Trainers, organized from the 07th until the 09th of June 2014, delivered by the partner organization JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization of the EU. The participants of the training were trainers from the partner organization of the YES Network project.

The 3 day training’s goal was to strengthen the capacities of the partner organizations in order to be able to successfully lead the CSOs network and to have effective dialogues with the CSOs, consultation and discussion with various stakeholders.

Later, the trainers will deliver one day workshops with CSOs and other stakeholders around the country, with the aim to build capacities for leading and advocacy, social dialogues and introduce services which the network will provide.

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