On Wednesday 18 of June Patrik Kovács, President of JEUNE opened ths Startup Europe Roadshow with Florin Jianu, the Romanian Minister of SMEs and Tourism.


The Roadshow allows young aspiring ICT entrepreneurs to interact, learn and be mentored by “role-models” -young ICT entrepreneurs who  share their success stories,as part of efforts to make Europe’s start-up environment more dynamic and less riskaverse.

The Roadshow consists of a series of 10 workshops in Poznan, Paris, Berlin, Olomouc, Athens, London, Madrid, Bucharest, Lisbon, and Budapest that are organized in collaboration with the EYIF’s hubs in the respective countries. The outcomes will be discussed at the final event in Brussels in September.

The workshop participants are students and aspiring entrepreneurs between 16 and 30 years old who have a business idea or plan to undertake an entrepreneurial career in the future.The participants benefit from first-hand mentoring by exchanging ideas with their “role-models”. Each workshop also includes a special session focusing on funding opportunities for young digital entrepreneurs and startups in Europe as part of the Horizon 2020 programme.Flyer-startup-europe-readshow-2014


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