Patrik Kovács, President of JEUNE has been invited as a highlighted speaker to the Entrepreneurship Summer School  2014.


The Summer school is organized by the Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI).

The Entrepreneurship Summer School is creating a new educational model and a useful infrastructure inside the university, which helps developing and promoting innovation projects and startups. For more information please follow the link.

President Patrik Kovács spoke about recent trends in young entrepreneurs development in Europe.

Head of the JEUNE Advisory Board and President of the European Chamber (EuCham), Michele Orzan also spoke on the event about environmental sustainability for organizations and green policies for businesses.

Presidents of JEUNE and EuCham also lead a Mentoring session on entrepreneurship with a global perspective.

This mentoring session aims to provide entrepreneurial minded and enthusiastic individuals with guidance and coaching on their overall business approach, which may include but not limited to diversifying their international vision and enhancing market presence. For talented professionals this session can aid to strengthen their global approach and to gain insight on managing and developing a successful business.



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