denmark2Russian Center for Entrepreneurship and Young Entrepreneurs Denmark joined the community if JEUNE in July 2014.

Russian Center for Entrepreneurship is one of the leading forces for developing entrepreneurship in Russia. CFE is an entrepreneurship training, education and development organization that promotes economic opportunity, helps build a strong middle class, and enhances the relationship between Russia and the US.

It is the Russian host of the Global Entrepreneurship week, and main organizer of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2014 in Moscow.

Their next conference “Woman in Business. Paths to Success” will be in Spetember 2014. (cf. previous posts)

Young Entrepreneurs Denmark is founded by Daniel Fabricius, who met with Patrik Kovács, President of JEUNE on 10th of July and discussed the possible ways of cooperation and transferring know-hows in helping young people of Denmark in venturing into entrepreneurship.

Innovative Youth is a Malta based community that was funded by Ryan Mercieca. The goals of the organization are to support young entrepreneurs of Malta and direct them to a brighter future. Ryan Mercieca is an extremely enthusiastic person who has the courage to lead the organization and build up a great network for young entrepreneurs in Malta.

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