JEUNE-participating-at-Youth-entrepreneurship and startupsAfter attending at the Expo Milano 2015, JEUNE went to Brussels, Belgium in order to participate at the conference called ’Youth entrepreneurship and startups: Prospects for EU growth, employment and competitiveness’. This remarkable event – which was the summer’s most important youth entrepreneurship event – took place in Berlaymont, the main European Commission’s building in Brussels, Belgium at the 29th of June, 2015 and was organized by JEUNE and BSS co. We can clearly say that it was a huge success as more than 200 people came to our most important assembly of the summer, where we were happy to see our most important partners. We were able to provide an informed and balanced cross-sector dialogue on youth entrepreneurship and start-ups as we have been working really hard for EU growth, employment, and competitiveness. We can hardly wait for next summer’s assembly and see more people there!

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