Last week, JEUNE has proudly became an observing member of the European Youth Forum, one of the most recognized association of youth in Europe.

During the April’s plenary meeting, EYF’s board together with its members from the country all over the Europe, the Forum voted for youth entprenreneurship. This strong expression of demand for youth entrepreneurship is clear, so is the goal of JEUNE.

Where is a problem, there must be a solution

Youth unemployment. A topic which has been discussed many times over the past few years and doesn’t look like it will be on decline or disappear just like that from our current ‘dictionary’.

Entrepreneurship as the answer

“If the well-trodden path leads nowhere, one should go where there is no path and leave a trail.”

And this is how we in JEUNE (Jeunes Entrepreneurs de l’Union Europeénne) see entrepreneurship and its role in nowadays society figting youth unemployment. We believe entrepreneurship can be the new-old way to deal with the serious lack of quality jobs for youth.

JEUNE: Who are we?

JEUNE, as the largest organization representing young entrepreneurs across Europe, are now reaching more than 1,660,000 passionate young people.

We believe that young entrepreneurs with new ideas need support so their dreams about starting their own business can come true, they can support themselves financially as fully active citizens and as full-featured parts of a dynamic economy. Support for young entrepreneurs means support for small enterprises which generate more business and fight the shortage of good
quality jobs.

Now, when JEUNE has become an observing member of the EYF, we lookforward to promoting entrepreneurial topics across one of the most recognized platforms for youth organizations in Europe.

Let’s find the best solutions for a new generation of youth together!

author: Lea Danis

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Last week, JEUNE has proudly became an observing member of the European Youth Forum...