During the European Youth Event (EYE).

The European Youth Event (EYE) – Together we can make a change

Mateo Ivanac, from Young Entrepreneur Association in Croatia represented JEUNE at the large scale EYE 2016 event. His feedback was the following:  As a representative of JEUNE on EYE 2016 I have to say that it was great pleasure to meet so many young people from all over Europe with positive energy. I was a speaker on panel Jobs and growth: Mix it right, shake it up!. There were over 200 young people eager to hear what EU can offer to them regarding employment. As we started discussion my first question to them was “How many of you are interested to become entrepreneur?” and less than 10 raised their hands.

So my thought is that all across Europe we are lacking entrepreneurial mindset and this is really important to tackle because regardless of billion of Euros that we have to support SME if people are not ready to go for it then money will not be very good incentive.

JEUNE as an organization is a great partner to EU that can help to bring that positive and brave attitude towards entrepreneurship to young people across EU. This is time when starting from education in early ages thru college we can learn young people how self-employment is great possibility for them.

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