President of Jeune, Mr Patrik Kovacs together with the Former President of Jeune and Minister of Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship in Romania, Mr Florin Jianu.

JEUNE representatives attended on the TOP 2015 award in Bucharest on October 25th in Romania. The biggest Romanian companies were on the ceremony and members of JEUNE discussed with them about possible projects and cooperation.

JEUNE President, Mr Patrik Kovacs, attended in the “National Top of the Private Companies from Romania in 2015“, the most outstanding annual event dedicated to Romanian business environment, organized by Consiliul National al Intreprinderilor Private Mici si Mijlocii din Romania (The National Council of Private Small and Medium Enterprises in Romania). In his speech, President of CNIPMMR and Former President of JEUNE, Mr Florin Jianu, spoke about the #InvestInRomania program dedicated to promoting domestic investment opportunities and Romanian exports.

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