On Monday, April 24, 2017 in Brussels will be held Young Entrepreneurs’ Day at the European Parliament together with the General Assembly Meeting with JEUNE members at JEUNE Headquarters. We plan very effective and busy months for JEUNE and during the General Assembly JEUNE Presidency and members will discuss common projects, the members’ involvement in them and the statutes of JEUNE.

The Young Entrepreneurs’ Day at the European Parliament it is a big event that is organized by the Young Entrepreneurs Association from Romania in partnership with  the the European Parliament and it is a unique and high-level opportunity for all JEUNE member organizations to participate. The project’s principal objective is to promote the European Parliament’s identity, role and political nature as the only democratically elected European institution. The priority of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Day at the European Parliament will be to communicate about the EP as legislator with a view to fostering dialogue with stakeholders.

50 young entrepreneurs will be part of the debates organized on event. The topics of the discussions will concern the actual and future policies and programs on entrepreneurship. All the participants will be invited to raise problems on the topic and make proposals on a better framework for economic development. Thus, new policies will be created, new ideas will be born and the feedback that the real entrepreneurs will offer to the MEPs, the ones creating the programs, will be very useful in designing more adapted instruments to their needs.

If you would like to participate, please apply with the following registration form on secretariat@jeune-europe.org:

Registration form.pdf

More information:
Denisa Samek
Young Entrepreneurs Association from Romania

Maria Dimitriou
JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union

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