Forum of Young Entrepreneurs Association, Croatia

JEUNE President, Mr. Patrik Kovacs, during his speech and the moderator of the forum Mr. Mateo Ivanac, YEA Croatia Founder & Vice-President.


On Saturday, May 27, 2017, JEUNE President Mr. Patrik Kovacs attended the Forum and spoke about how the young entrepreneurship can be optmized in Europe and emphasized in Croatia. The event has been organized by the JEUNE Member Young Entrepreneurs Association of Croatia and it has been held in Zagreb, Croatia.

The moderator of the event was the Founder and Vice-President of YEA Croatia, Mr. Mateo Ivanac and together with all the panelists issued topics about further development and networking of young entrepreneurs as well as motivating the members of YEA Croatia to participate in numerous ambitious projects and set new strategic plans for the Croatian young entrepreneurs.

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