JEUNE’s President dr. Patrik Kovacs is attending the second Global Youth Leadership Forum in Santander, Spain that takes place from September 24 to 30 in the Magdalena Palace of Santander.

This event bridges about 200 young world leaders  with important responsibilities in their countries, to debate with world figures from politic, economic, social and academic area on the challenges that ought to be faced in the following years.

Mr. Alexandre de Rotchild, Mr. Alvaro Nadal Belda, Mr. Ernesto Pérez Balladares, Mrs. Gema Igual, Mr. Jacobo Pombo, Mr. Jerome Glenn, Mr. José Manuel Cendoya, Mr. Josep Borrell Fontielles, Mr. Tomás Regalado and many other prominent politicians and leaders are part of this global event.

Dr. Patrik Kovacs will have the opportunity to discuss youth entrepreneurship and innovation topics with the global youth leaders and present the important and plausible role that JEUNE has in the sphere of youth entrepreneurship and development.

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