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What is the 1989 Generation Initiative?

The 1989 Generation Initiative a is a policy startup committed to mobilising ‘89ers’ to lead the long-term regeneration of the EU, at the LSE European Institute. Its main work is the production of innovative policy proposals which it develops through a cutting edge methodology of broad engagement and structured dialogue involving 89ers and leading experts from across its pan-European branches. In time, the 1989 Generation Initiative attempts to be Europe’s premier platform for the involvement of citizens in EU policy making.

A premier policy platform for youth

The Initiative facilitates an innovative structured dialogue that allows the youth to contribute to the EU policy making process. In this process, policy proposals are formulated not by small teams of researchers cut off from the outside world, but by 89ers – young ‘policy entrepreneurs’ of various backgrounds from around Europe.

Establishment credibility + avant garde approach

The Initiative’s policy recommendations are evidence-based and well-researched, drawing on input from LSE European Institute academic staff and numerous other expert participants. Our base at the LSE offers a unique platform for 89ers and policy experts to meet, debate, and devise policy proposals for the future of Europe. With our emphasis on crowdsourcing and data analytics, we aim to be at the vanguard of a digital revolution in the policy sphere.

Bridging the gap between thinking and doing

Not only do we create policies, but we aim to get them implemented. The Initiative seeks to generate public engagement around the policy proposals that it produces, involving MEPs, senior civil servants, and government ministers.

Call for Applications_EU Chapter Head

Attached by, you may find the call for applications and check if your interest and motivation fit within the criteria required. In case interested, please submit your CV and cover letter to explaining why you believe you are the best candidate, no later than 31 October.


For more information, please check the Brochure and the Regional Chapters Introduction:


Regional Chapter Briefing

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