Following the requests and ideas by JEUNE Member organizations and requests on the most needed skills for entrepreneurs, JEUNE organized the ‘Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and European: the opportunities for tertiary sector entrepreneurs” workshop.

The venue of the Event: Avenue Marnix 30, 1000 Brussels.

The workshop focused on the key skills that are highlighted by tertiary sector entrepreneurs aligned to the the digital platform promoted by DG Connect aiming to help unemployed people and SMEs to get digital skills.

Since the launch in December 2016, organisations, government bodies and businesses who are members of the Coalition provided more than 3.7 million online or face-to-face trainings, one million certificates and 9,000 job placements and internships. Over a million citizens became more aware of the importance of digital skills for employability, competitiveness and participation in society through various organised activities.

The General Assembly took place at the Confcommercio HQ and followed the planned activities for 2018, discussion about new projects proposals from members, update on running projects, Women Committee proposals and general discussion.

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