JEUNE’s President of Global Affairs Mr. Patrik Kovacs, the President of Advisory Board Mr. Michele Orzan and the Head of Presidential Secretariat Mrs. Simona Caminska attended the World Economic Forum, the world’s most well-known and prestigious economic forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. The headline for this year was “Creating a shared future for a fractured world”.

Mr. Orzan is a Digital Leader for the World Economic Forum under the “Digital Ecosystems Europe” Initiative that is a network aiming at reshaping the future of Europe in connection with the World Economic Forum’s European Regional Business Council members and select experts, including city mayors, policy-makers and venture capitalists. The purpose of this non-partisan network of digital experts and start-up ecosystem builders is to build strong bridges for collaboration and exchange between Europe’s many digital innovation hubs. The Forum aims to do this by bringing digital leaders together from across Europe, and by providing a platform to develop an ecosystem of innovation in order to discuss technological developments and their impact on business and society.



JEUNE’s representatives had the opportunity to meet, interact and exchange ideas with world-known leaders, businessmen and civil society leaders. Specifically, the representatives were informed about the new initiatives in the Governance and Leadership, International Trade and Development, Digital Society and exchanged ideas for cooperation in future. Hence, JEUNE was represented at the Caspian Week where famous speakers addressed economic policies and next projects that need to be undertaken so that poverty can be properly addressed and bigger economic development can be achieved.

Mrs. Simona Caminska attended the Caspian Week events, “Meeting with Jack Ma”, “Putting Jobs out of Work”, “Strategic Outlooks” and other sessions.

Mr. Kovacs attended the Session of “How Asia works?” building strong connections to potential Asian partners that tackle youth entrepreneurship and international business development, “Central and Eastern Europe: New Agenda for the Continent”, “China in the New Era”, as well as receptions organized by JP Morgan Stanley, The Washington Post, Accenture, Google, Facebook and many others.

WEF has brought significant contacts and networking to the organizations that JEUNE hopes to utilize in future, by bridging to world-renown leaders, businessmen and opinion-makers.

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