To underscore the role that all EU Citizens play worldwide Entreps AISBL (International Board of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs) organises, in close collaboration with the civil society and the public and private sectors: #5Gcitizens 2018. JEUNE will be one of the main sponsors to this event.

The event is an initiative targeting the world citizens, especially the EU Citizens, as key players of the Social Innovation the EU needs to raise awareness, engage society from our regions and cities, to finally tackle any ongoing issues to continue to be the continent of Diversity and Tolerance and Social Integration we are. It shows a strong commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals Digitisation, Collaborative Economy, Energy Poverty, and Circular Economy for Global Trade, engaging EU institutions and officials, the private sector, the Academia and other international organisations into discussing how to approach these challenges by resorting to new and alternative solutions. Citizens in the middle of it all.

Being one of the main supporters, JEUNE will have its Presidency and Members also attending. President Andrea Gelfi, Vice-President Mr. Alberto Carvalho,  Honorary President Mr. Florin Jianu, Advisory Board Member Mr. Michael Lee, Advisory Board Member Mr. Alessandro Micheli, President of Entreps Mr. Joaquin Boston, President of Women Commitee of JEUNE Mrs. Alexandrina Robu will be among the speakers at the high-level Conference.

Hence, the same day, JEUNE will hold a General Assembly to discuss future projects and trends.

For more information, please refer to: and hurry up to secure your spot!

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