JEUNE is proud global partner of the Global Startup Competition that took place from 27 to 29 October 2018 in Chengdu, China. It was organized by Chengdu Local Government Company (CDSI) with David Kovacs, Entreps with Joaquin Boston and CreBiz Factory with Micheal Lee and supported by the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions, the OECD and EuCham.

On that occasion, JEUNE had the chance to meet local Chinese leaders, to appreciate the innovating ability of China and to better understand the dynamics of one of the strongest markets in the world. We met leading professionals such as the Director of the CDSI, Mr. David Kovacs, The Director of the World Innovation Summit for Education at Qatar Foundation, Mr. Elyas Felfoul, the CEO of the Nunnovation Africa Foundation, MS. Ngwako Ramohlale, the Co-founder of the Young Leaders Circle – the International Economic Forum of the Americas -, Dr. Winston Chan, the President of FIJE, Mr. Juan Barrero and the Vice-president of Sino PLPE, Mr. Bernardo Mendia.
Mr. Micheal Lee, who is the CEO of CreBiz Factory, as well as a university lecturer in Innovation, led the event.

The local government of Chengdu and the Province of Sichuan had a decisive role in the organization of the event and also made it possible for a JEUNE delegation to visit a research centre focusing on innovative solutions in the field of mechanics and electronics with a green-oriented approach.

The works lasted 3 days, during which the start-ups that had passed the previous selections could submit their ideas to the judges, who accurately assessed them. Business ideas ranged from computer security to social networks, from health care to food, demonstrating a great ability and willingness to innovate. The judges evaluated each business idea with criteria related to its creativity, feasibility, competitive advantages and presentation.

 JEUNE was represented by the President, Mr. Andrea Gelfi, the President of the Advisory Board and of EuCham, Mr. Michele Orzan, the President of Entreps, Mr. Joaquin Boston and the CEO of CreBiz Factory as well as member four Advisory Board, Mr. Micheal Lee.

The event proved an occasion for JEUNE to establish better relationships also with European, African and South-American organizations, thus acquiring a wider and more constructive scope. We had the chance to compare the different situations around the world and concluded that young entrepreneurs represent the future on which we should work anywhere in the world.

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