Like every year, JEUNE Administrative Council and General Assembly took place in Budapest at the end of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, organized and promoted by our active Hungarian colleagues of FIVOSZ. Their constant attention to entrepreneurs’ and young entrepreneurs’ issues prove fundamental for the work of our organizations towards the growth of the European Union. Moreover, Mr Patrik Kovacs’ work was presented as an example for everyone and President Gelfi congratulated him on his prestigious office of Vice-president of the SME & Entrepreneurship Taskforce of OECD. Mr Kovacs also informed the attendees about the activities of the Global Committee and on how the commitment for the creation and maintenance of relations with major world organizations of young entrepreneurs is making JEUNE achieve a leading role. A discussion followed on the challenges of the labour market, on the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence on job opportunities and the social-economic situation, and on the subsequent need to have quick and concrete strategies to cope with such challenges, by means of measures to be taken in the labour market and in the support to entrepreneurs.

President Gelfi then reported on his trip to Chengdu where, along with the President of the Advisory Board, Mr. Michele Orzan, he had been part of the jury that granted the Global Startup Award to the best start-ups. The President thanked Mr. Joaquin Boston and Mr. Micheal Lee, member of Jeune Advisory Board, for the invitation to the event they co-organized and congratulated them for the organization. The President then explained the event was a very good occasion for giving visibility to JEUNE and for establishing relations that single members can use to widen the network in order to benefit the enterprises of their Countries.

Alexandrina Robu then talked about the webinar organized in March and the event at the European Parliament “Successful Women in Europe” that had been greatly appreciated and had given great visibility to JEUNE and to the Women Committee, underlining the need to create a network of transnational collaborations also on the issue of women entrepreneurship, and the President added that all members should take action to make the issue become a a central issue in the life of every association joining JEUNE.

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