In the presence of the President of the Romanian Republic Klaus Iohanni, the President of CNIPMMR and honorary President of Jeune Florin Jianu, the President of SME United Ulrike Rabmer-Koller and the President of EESC Employers’ Group Jacek Krawczyk signed the Declaration of Budapest – a document containing the guidelines requested by enterprises to foster the development of the European entrepreneurial world.

Jeune fully embraces the guiding principles of the Declaration of Bucharest and supports its requests. In this regard, Jeune wishes the European and national institutions can quickly turn such requests into actual actions that could inspire younger generations to choose entrepreneurship, thus contributing to economic growth and social well-being within the European Union.

“We call for enabling and encouraging policies that stimulate SMEs, creativity, innovation, ongoing learning, agility and entrepreneurial spirit throughout society. We need to create a more entrepreneurial European Union, encouraging in particular young people and women to start their own business.”