Treviso (Italy) – The Confartigianato Imprese Association hosted a meeting with the young entrepreneurs of one of the most important production districts in Italy and JEUNE President Andrea Gelfi.

The meeting proved an occasion for describing the EU working procedures and contextualising the key role of young entrepreneurs today and in the political framework of the next seven-year mandate of the European Parliament.

During the meeting, the topics of the mechanisms of business funding by the EU and the role of Italian Regions and trade associations in dealing with EU funds proved particularly interesting. President Gelfi underlined how coordinating one’s business growth strategies with organizations such as Confartigianato is important in order to grasp the opportunities provided by the European Funds while contributing to local wealth and development.

The Erasmus+ programme was also described in detail as fundamental tool for building and consolidating the European society by valuing cultural exchanges among students and entrepreneurs.