The General Assembly of Jeune took place in Udine, Italy, on occasion of the works promoted by the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Udine chaired by Mr Fabio Passon, and with the participation of associations of young entrepreneurs from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. During the works, the Alpe Adria Paper was signed, which aims at fostering the dialogue among young entrepreneurs and drafting the guidelines for the development of the Alpe Adria macro-region to benefit the younger generations in particular.
The institutional representatives of the organizations present at the meeting completed a work that lasted some months and led to the definition of the following priorities:

1) Reducing the mismatch between the needs of business and education;
2) Supporting entrepreneurship as a mean to promote sustainable development and face social challenges;
3) Stimulating the creation of new Businesses;
4) Working for a man-centred society.

When signing the Alpe Adria Paper on behalf of Jeune, the President Andrea Gelfi underlined the importance of the work carried out and praised the tight cooperation started among the organizations of young entrepreneurs of the macro-region. The ability to operate in synergy in the name of a common objective is a value that must be taken to the top levels and that Jeune will commit to spreading in name of the founding values of the European Union itself, values in which the young still believe and by which they are inspired and motivated.