JEUNE General Assembly took place in Florence on occasion of the 12th National Forum of the young entrepreneurs of Confcommercio Italia to highlight the special relations between the Italian organization and its representative organization at European level.

The General Assembly meeting was hosted at Hotel Berchielli in presence of the President of young entrepreneurs of Confcommercio, Mr. Andrea Colzani, and Vice President, Mr. Pietro Ambra. The President’s opening speech underlined the pleasure of having Jeune in Florence and advocated the development of an increasingly closer collaboration between organizations. He also underlined the importance of the topic of education, which will be the focus of tomorrow’s meeting, and presented the schedule and speakers of the Forum.

The attendees then opened the General Assembly discussion analysing the current projects and the opportunities deriving from the 2020 Business Rail editions. The positive experience of the recent China Business Rail event was then presented and described, since it was an important occasion to make local entrepreneurs and institutions meet with Jeune delegation, thus creating relations and opportunities that can prove extremely fruitful for young entrepreneurs in the EU. The outcomes of the activities carried out throughout the year were also shared and President Andrea Gelfi took the opportunity to present the 2020 activity plan and to gather suggestions from the Board for a more effective schedule.

Finally, the President pointed out the fundamental contribution of the Erasmus+ Programme to Jeune activities. In this regard, the representatives of member organizations extended the debate by considering that there is more to Erasmus+ potential than its support of Jeune’s activities, i.e. the great past, current and future impact that reciprocal knowledge and vocational education have on the building and sharing of the European Union values.