The Italian Forum of Young Entrepreneurs of Confcommercio took place in Florence on November 8, 2019. The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Confcommercio is the widest representation of young entrepreneurs in Italy and represents professionals of the business sectors of trade, tourism, services and professions. Illustrious speakers from the academic, political and entrepreneurial fields were present at the 12th edition of the Forum and discussed on the core topic of education.

The President, Mr. Andrea Colzani underlined the importance of an education that is consistent with the needs of the market and noted how nowadays commitment, enthusiasm and courage are not sufficient to make entrepreneurs to succeed. Successful entrepreneurs must have knowledge. If thought is a spark and action is a need, then the activation of thought makes the driving force of innovation enter the society and the economy.

The Italian Minister of Culture, Mr. Dario Franceschini was also present at the event. He underlined the important role of education in the Italian development and growth strategies, and noted how the combination of culture and tourism can prove a very strong drive for economic growth – a consideration that is true for Italy, but can be also extended to Europe.

The Forum also proved an occasion for Jeune to meet many Italian entrepreneurs and institutional players. Moreover, on occasion of the Gala dinner that preceded the Forum, common projects and opportunities for giving more weight to young entrepreneurs in the coming mandate of the European Commission were discussed.