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About Jeune

The Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union – JEUNE was launched in 1994, having the headquarters in Brussels. At the moment, JEUNE represents over 1,660,000 young people interested in entrepreneurship from 15 countries (Bulgaria, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Moldova, Slovakia).

JEUNE is interested in developing activities in order to make sure that the voice  of young entrepreneurs from Europe is heard  in the dialogue that we are permanently developing with the main European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, European Economic and Social Committee, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, European Youth Forum, European Young Innovators Forum).

JEUNE activities are focused on promotion of entrepreneurship, lobby initiatives for programs dedicated to young people, networking events, trainings for young entrepreneurs, partnerships with European institutions aiming to create a permanent dialogue for the development of policies and programs dedicated to young entrepreneurs, business incubation.

JEUNE is the partner of:

  • EuCham – European Chamber
  • European Association of Crafts and small and medium-sized enterprises