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JEUNE – Voice of the Young Entrepreneurs

JEUNE is the biggest organization representing young entrepreneurs across Europe reaching more than 1,660,000 passionate young people throughout Europe.

Composed of national associations spreading over the whole continent, it enjoys pan-European and global access and visibility, effectively lobbying at all levels, with knowledge and connections that continuously enhance the capacity to effectively address the young entrepreneurs’ needs.

Its network spans from the highest European and EU institutions to most of the world’s most important business platforms.

Founded in 1994, JEUNE is composed by a series of national and local young entrepreneurs’ associations and foundations which share its mission and values, seeing entrepreneurship as a core asset for the development of the business world.

Young people are now facing a social challenge in Europe and worldwide as well which has been unknown for the most part of Western history. The financial and economic crisis starting in 2008 made its hardest hit the youth resulting in an exceptionally high increase of youth unemployment rate which was still the double (above 20%) of the whole adult rate (around 9%) in Europe in 2013.

These social factors are combined with psychological ones, an apathic, pessimistic and individualistic attitude has become a characteristic of the youth with the lack of planned future and exact plans for a carrier path. These developments together with the effects of the aging society in Europe would cause severe consequences in the European and world economy and thus has to be countered.

One of the best possible ways for the young people identified by researches and policymakers is developing diverse modes of self-employment, entrepreneurship, which contributes to the unemployment and economic recovery issues as well. Since only 15% of the adult population of the EU is self-employed, and only 4% of it is in the 15-24 age group (cf. EC-OECD Brief Policy Report on Young Entrepreneurship) new dimensions in promoting young entrepreneurship has to be reached.