Florin Jianu is one of the most successful Romanian entrepreneurs and the biggest supporter of the business environment at a national and a European level as well, focused on innovative approaches and opportunities given to young people. His current activity concerns the non-governmental sector, being the President of the National Council of SMEs. He was born in Slatina, Romania and studied at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics and also attended the National School of Political and Administrative Studies Masters. In 2014 he was appointed Minister for SMEs, business environment and tourism. The main results of his activity was the most innovative law for SMEs, a business strategy for 2014-2020, a and a program dedicated to support young graduates to become employees: the Romania HUB program. The policies developed had the objective to place Romania on the European map as the entrepreneurial hub. Other instruments that he has developed as minister included crowd funding, business angel and business incubators’ law and the credit mediator institution. In the non-governmental sector, he was the President of JEUNE, the European organization dedicated to support young entrepreneurs on the continent, and President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association from Romania (YEAR).

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