Entrepreneur and former CEO of Mercedes-Benz Hungary

Ingo Fröhlich is a 44 year old entrepreneurial and influential leader in automobile and finance industries, applying 20 years of experience to exceptional business expansions and team performance. During his career, Ingo has been working and living in 8 countries all around the globe.

As CEO of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in four countries, he has been demonstrating expertise in business development, operations establishment and direction, system establishment, process improvement, policy development, multimedia marketing, sales, public relations, program and project guidance, fiscal oversight, and staff and client satisfaction. For Ingo the key to success is to establish and maintain trust-based business relationships and strategic alliances, create efficient and productive company cultures, and recruit and focus diverse teams to exceed customer expectations. At the age of 21, Ingo founded his first own company, before he changed to persue a corporate career in the automotive industry.

Now, more than 20 years later, he decided to apply what he learned as a corporate leader in his own ventures as a private equity investor and portfolio manager and to help young entrepreneurs to succeed in business.

He is a risk taker who believes in the creation of win win situations to generate success. Last but not least he is actively supporting the International Child Safety Organization.

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