An Italian eco-social entrepreneur, Michele Orzan sold his biggest brainchild YOPPI to Coca-Cola in order to dedicate himself to the promotion of private entrepreneurship’s role in the society, with an emphasis on ethical values in business life.

A former army officer with eclectic military-humanities-business-capitalist-socialist and ethnic-minority based education in 4 continents, fluent in 5 languages, he confers in JEUNE a long experience in employers’ organizations. He is a regular speaker and presenter in universities, institutions and in the corporate world across the globe.

He is the President of EuCham – European Chamber – the institution representing international businesses and their ethical side. Lately he founded the GREENWILL worldwide movement for a green globe, an open-source, free-for-all, nonprofit initiative spanning over 110 countries, and considered one of the simplest yet most innovative and effective initiatives of our times. Sustainability institutes, business schools, governments and businesses are supporting this revolutionary environmental sustainability drive, where companies and organizations can join for free and start developing their environmental involvement by using a free Green Policy. Michele is also designing GreenAdvisor, dubbed the TripAdvisor for the environment, a revolutionary platform and app which will enable anyone to put pressure on companies and institutions.

Other posts and involvements include the World Economic Forum, NESsT Europe, the European Business Awards, the Global Startup Awards, the Climate Reality Project, and other institutions.

As head of the advisory board of JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs Organization of European Union, Michele passionately mentors young entrepreneurs and new ventures, while delivering speeches and lectures at business schools, universities and events across the world, focusing on entrepreneurship, leadership development, business ethics and sustainability.

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