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Youth Business Club

Youth Business Club (YBC) is entrepreneurial and business skill development organization based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Through the years we have organized more than a 120 public events to serve the development of business skills in youngsters, university students as well as young business  professionals. Our startup pre-accelerator training course – UniStart was among the 2 finalist for the best startup course in the country by the jury at the Central European Startup Awards.

We are one of the founding members of the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship and Startup Community of Organizations (BESCO) and together with other leading Bulgarian NGO’s we are suggesting affective changes in government policy. Together with all of the Entrepreneurial associations we are actively influencing positive change in some of the most significant governmental projects designed to support entrepreneurship in Bulgaria.

We are a mediator between eager to learn and to apply young entrepreneurs and the ethical and successful business leaders in the country. We provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and together we organize courses in starting new businesses with the help of mentors, lecturers and trainers.

Untill the end of 2018 we have planned to organize 6 big courses in starting a business in 4 municipalities in Bulgaria and 2 minor training courses for start up beginners.

Address and contacts
Youth Business Club
blvd. Cherni vryh 80, fl.1 ap.3
1407 Sofia, BULGARIA
Tel. +359 885 479 800


Nova Idea Foundation

Long before the ‘startup community and eco-system’ became familiar to most of you we were naked on the arena. Trying to find a light in Bulgaria – successful people with their stories who will make this concept closer to us and the reality.

Seven years from that time – the community of entrepreneurs in Bulgaria is a fact. And it lives. And it grows.

Now we are proud to say – we already have acceleration and venture funds based in Bulgaria and we are partnering with them. We have established a living network and close contacts with a solid number of international funds and organizations. Many common projects put us on the ground that creates the foundation of the startup eco-system in Bulgaria.

It is our focus now to empower entrepreneurs by providing the skills and support required. Our team has been in the heart of the Infostart project, an initiative for supporting new business ideas as well as IT education. We believe it to be of crucial importance for starting businesses in the technology driver world of today.

Our mission:

>> build bridges between the young people and the business,

>> provide access to young people to trainings which improve their business skills,

>> awaken the entrepreneurial spirit among the people in our society,

>> support inexperienced entrepreneurs all the way from turning an idea into a successful business,
>> develop local business communities.

NOVA Idea Foundation supports young people in Bulgaria who want to turn their ideas into a successful business and those who want to improve their practical business skills.

NOVA Idea strives to create environment where entrepreneurs and young professionals flourish. We are the Y-school of doing business. Our organization links entrepreneurs with professionals, role models and investors, who have the knowledge and best practices. We also provide access to our wide network of contacts, for contacts are so vital for nascent businesses.

Our team has been actively participating and managing international and national projects and are eager to become part of new ones which aim to create and foster a sustainable environment for talents, young entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders.

Address and contacts

Nova Idea Foundation
Chavdar Mutafov str 39, entr. B, apt 42
1700 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel. +35 98 87 25 62 11

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