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Digitalisation and Distance Learning for Economic Relaunch

The General Assembly of JEUNE was held on May, 11th with the aim of monitoring the situation of the European economy. The debate focused mainly on the comparison among different Countries and on the analysis of the strategies that had already been implemented to prevent the virus from spreading, as well as of the measures taken to let national economies recover and overcome this critical situation.

Obviously, SMEs have been affected the most by the pandemic and young entrepreneurs have been trying to understand how to interpret the current economic situation, as well as how to meet the customers’ changing needs. New forms of relations with the market have been experimented and several websites have been promoted so far to support enterprises across all sectors – particularly those of services and agriculture.

Jeune will therefore support some of these projects and give visibility at a European level to the effort of the single organisations. During the GA, a debate started on this issue and the members agreed on the fact that it is necessary to acknowledge the key-role of Distance Learning in making entrepreneurs develop new, necessary skills and the need to increase the digitalisation of enterprises and business processes.

Due to a possible second or third pandemic wave, Governments and financial institutions need to take all the relevant countermeasures. Meanwhile, enterprises must be ready to cope with this issue with the necessary technological tools and relevant skills.

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