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Jeune at FIN 2020

150 days to go for FIN 2020. The global networking event taking place on 26-27 November in Porto, Portugal, is part of a larger project promoted by AJEPC –Young Entrepreneurs Association Portugal-China, which aims to establish a strong network of cooperation through events in 3 continents, namely: Europe, Asia and America.

This event is aimed at companies that want to expand their network of knowledge and business, so the President Andrea Gelfi could not miss the opportunity to participate on behalf of Jeune, which has given institutional support to this relevant event.

Congratulations to Mr. Alberto Carvalho Neto, vice President of Jeune and President of AJEPC, for his commitment and hard work in organizing this event also in this period of great uncertainty.

For further information, please visit the official website or the following pages:

linkedin – ajepc

twitter – AJEPC_ptcn

facebook – AJEPortugalChina

Instagram – ajepc_

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