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Jeune Supports the Young Entrepreneurs for the Post-Pandemic Period

Jeune members met in an online General Assembly on April 2nd to discuss about the difficult situation caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and to relate about the conditions and the control measures taken by the different European Countries.

The representatives of the European organizations agreed on the idea that so far, the European Union has proved inadequate to deal with such a critical situation and underlined how they noticed a general lack in community spirit when tackling the crisis. The fact that the Union reacted by raising barriers and the guilty silence of all community institutions towards Italy and Spain show the pathological condition of the Union itself and highlight how each member State focuses on their own interest rather than on the interest of the Community.

The Presidency of the Board wishes that Europe can find the right path soon, otherwise the united Europe project the young still look at as the only way to a peaceful, prosperous future is destined to fail.

However, if institutions fail, enterprises must not give in. The debate focused on the possible immediate and long-term solutions that could help the young entrepreneurs overcome this crisis. Jeune will provide young entrepreneurs with a series of informative webinars to support them and their enterprises towards the skills and knowledge necessary for recovery. It is undeniable that the deep wound this epidemic is leaving in the social and economic fabric will generate long-term impacts – it will change the consumers’ habits and force enterprises to rethink their business models and operational processes. In this perspective, digitalization proves an opportunity to invest on with competence and conviction, in order to overcome this crisis and avoid similar scenarios with similar consequences in the future.

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