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JEUNE with Cem Aldeias against Energy Poverty

Cem Aldeias is a Social Energy Community project in Portugal, somehow inspired in what Endless Energy has been doing in Brazil ( having the focus on fighting the energy poverty that is a very hot topic nowadays at the European Commission:

JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union, is giving the institutional support , and Portugal will be the test bed starting in January 2021 and by the end of 2021 we’ll start the expansion to other European countries , and this expansion will be with the support of JEUNE.

This project will have a strong component of training local gatekeepers that will be energy consultants. These individuals will be the energy concierges and act as enablers of the behaviour transformation of the populations, helping people to understand how they can be more efficient and access to low-cost green energy.

The project has already got the formal accreditation to be invested by SIF social innovation fund:

The innovation comes from the fact that we’ll be training unemployed people to be domestic energy consultants…

In Portugal the project will impact 20.000 people in 100 small villages.

We believe that under JEUNE we could extend this opportunities to many more people!

Lets work on that!

Leaflet “Cem Aldeias – BEWG Combate a Pobreza Energetica” (pdf -Portuguese)

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