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Innovative Youths

Innovative Youths is a platform from which to provide moral and directional support to young people as they foster the necessary business skills to pursue their goals.

Our mission is to promote measures and mechanisms for youth entrepreneurship, to influence the policy of national institutions, and promote a culture among young people of job creation rather than job seeking.

Innovative Youths is a non governmental, independent and non-profit making national and regional youth platform that work towards empowering young adults to foster entrepreneurial skills in order to try and generate a business activity by seeking new and innovative opportunities for the benefit of the society and the economy. The platform is based on five main strategic priorities, which include scientific research, programs, education, awareness and policy making. Innovative Youths is driven by the scope of empowering youths to start their own business activity. The organization mainly target youths between the age of 18 to 40, who are Maltese citizen or have been living in Malta for the past five years.
Innovative Youths is based in the island region of Gozo, thus has its specific task to represent the Gozitan youths and also organize annual events and activities in Gozo.

Innovative Youths work towards placing youth at the center of the economy. In doing so, Innovative Youths work towards,

  1. Being a consultative body for local public, independent and private institutions on all issues relevant to youth entrepreneurship;
  2. Promote measures and mechanisms on youth entrepreneurship through government and institutional policies;
  3. Influence the policy of national institutions on youth entrepreneurship related issues;
  4. Increase the participation of young people in entrepreneurship as well as in the decision-making process towards business activity;
  5. Promote a culture among youth of job creation rather than job seeking.
  6. Promote the exchange of business ideas and experiences, opportunities and mutual understanding of the positive changes that a business activity can bring about in the economy and society.
  7. Secure, foster and promote the fullest cooperation of the members of the Association in dealing with all questions concerning youth entrepreneurship.
  8. Protect and promote the interest of the members of the Association.
  9. Cooperate with and or become a member or associate member of any organization, international or otherwise, whose main objects are similar to the organization.

To do all that which is ancillary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

Address and contacts:

Innovative Youths
Block B, Flat 5
Tac-Cawla Street
Gozo, Malta
Tel. +356 79256904

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