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The Entrepreneurial Poland

The Entrepreneurial Poland is an ecosystem which integrates projects aiming at development of entrepreneurship, supports them in terms of merits and technology and affects people’s mentality and promotes entrepreneurship in Poland. In order to implement the strategy in Poland “The path to Entrepreneurial Poland” they have established a group of institutions, which now include the following:

  • AIP is the largest European network of Academic Business Incubators nad the best European system for testing new business ideas and technologies which allows any person to establish a business at the lowest cost, fastest and easiest way in Poland, with minimal risk.
  • AIP Business Link is the most modern network of business support centers in five Polish cities.
  • AIP Seed Capital is a the European simplest and most effective model of investing in startups.

Address and contacts

The Entrepreneurial Poland
Piękna st. 68
00-672 Warsaw, Poland
Tel. +48 515 791 718

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