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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs 

  • Funded by European Commission,
  • Exchange of experiences between a young entrepreneur and a host entrepreneur,
  • JEUNE is an intermediate organisation in this project.

Organisation and Promotion of European Networking in the framework of ERASMUS for young entrepreneurs (OPEN-EYE) Pilot Programme of DG Enterprise “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”.

Project leader: University of Applied Sciences, Fulda (Germany).

The project partners come from different countries Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Denmark, UK.

The aim of the project is to facilitate the mobility of young and “would-be” entrepreneurs as well as provide training, network and exchange of experiences for young entrepreneurs by means of traineeships in SMEs. The project also has a final objective the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people.

The project should contribute to improve the competitiveness of young entrepreneurs, the internationalisation of businesses as well as increase the  number of new start-ups founded by young people.

Role of partners in the network (IOs – intermediary organisations):

a) Providing information to NEs (nascent entrepreneurs),

b) Promotion and searching for HEs (host entrepreneurs),

c) Verifying eligibility and quality of applications from NEs and HEs,

d) Pro-active matching of the relationships,

e) Local induction training,

f)  Management of contracts and commitments,

g) Assistance on the practicalities / logistical support,

h) Administering financial assistance,

i) Ensuring high standards and evaluation feedback,

j) Active networking amongst IOs and “alumni”,

k) Reporting.

The benefits for nascent entrepreneurs (NE):

  • Obtain a broader business experience from an established company,
  • Develop international connections and knowledge about foreign markets,
  • Benefit from possible co-venturing opportunities and the development of cross-border markets,
  • Gain insights into a different cultural and organisational setting/workplace,
  • Understand the regulatory framework in another EU country.

The benefits for Host entrepreneurs (HE) will be:

  • Work with a NE who has strong analytic and strategic skills,
  • Access new skills and innovative knowledge in the NE that an SME often does not have,
  • Work with a possible young ‘business angel’ contributing to the business,
  • Gain knowledge and intelligence about the foreign markets and an opportunity to internationalize the business,
  • Explore possible succession-planning,
  • Possibly starting up the business in a new country,
  • Network with the other HEs as part of a dynamic European network of successful entrepreneurs.

The benefits for Intermediary Organisations will be:

  • network with other IOs, HEs and NEs in Europe,
  • providing grants and additional services to their clients (NEs and  HEs),
  • be part of a „nascent“ European Programme.

The 1st network meeting gathering all European Partnerships involved in the pilot project “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” took place on 19 and 20 January 2009 in Brussels.