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Sur Empresarial

Sur Empresarial – Business Center

SUR EMPRESARIAL, Business Center is characterized by the high quality of its services.

They are provided either directly by SUR EMPRESARIAL and its partner companies, which are strictly and exclusively selected under criteria of quality and corporate responsibility. Or by member companies SUR EMPRESARIAL, which provide a wide range of products and services with competitive advantages for business club members or customers of SUR EMPRESARIAL.

SUR EMPRESARIAL is a company created for small and large businesses looking for ideas or have ideas. In SUR EMPRESARIAL customers are part of the team. They develop all ideas and projects at the local, provincial, national or international, from initial conception to birth, modeling, development and completion, necessary to implement within the customer organization or environment. SUR EMPRESARIAL offer expertise, professionalism, analytical skills and experience, able to develop own ideas adding value to projects through different and alternative points of view, allowing us to offer quality services.

SUR EMPRESARIAL maine services are:

  • Preparation of Designs and Projects.
  • Discretionary Management and Coordination.
  • Technical-Economic Planning.
  • Study, Monitoring and Evaluation of Investment.
  • Location and Land Management.
  • Management and processing of Permits and Licenses.

Address and contacts

Sur Empresarial – Business Center
Avenida Leonardo Da Vinci 8
Oficina 214
28906 Getafe, Spain
Tel. +34 91 299 81 80

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