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The Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union

JEUNE represents over 1,660,000 young people interested in entrepreneurship

JEUNE was founded in 1994 in Brussels. Now, it represents over 1,660,000 young people from 20 countries who are interested in entrepreneurship.

JEUNE carries out activities to make the voice of European young entrepreneurs heard in the constant dialogue with the leading European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, European Economic and Social Committee, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, European Youth Forum, European Young Innovators Forum).

JEUNE’s activities are focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship, lobby initiatives for programs destined to young people, networking events, training for young entrepreneurs, partnerships with European institutions aiming to create a permanent dialogue for developing policies and programs dedicated to young entrepreneurs, business incubation.

The Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization of the European Union – JEUNE has a special position in Europe as it is the main voice of the next generation of entrepreneurs and influential figures of the European and world economy. The dedicated goals of JEUNE are:

JEUNE is partner of:


A long experience, a solid background, a lot of successful projects. Always looking to the future.

JEUNE is an organization that counts. And it can count on impressive figures that confirm its current role and mission.
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JEUNE’s Board of Directors is made up of members who serve a 3-year term and are elected by the General Assembly (i.e. all the member associations). The Board of Directors is a governing body with the main function of managing the organization and developing all the initiatives promoted by members and assembly.

Alberto Carvalho Neto


Mr. Andrea Gelfi has been…

Raquel Torres

Raquel Torres

Sustainability, Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Oceans
Fabio Passon

Fabio Passon

Young Entrepreneurs Technology & Digitalisation Committee Cooperation & Tourism Committee
Simona Kalinovska

Simona Kalinovska

Security Information Management and Robotics Committee
Gurkan Yildrim

Gurkan Yildrim

International SME Committee
Simona Chaminska

Simona Chaminska

Technology & Digitalisation Committee
Daniel Uritu

Daniel Uritu

European Relations Committee

Alexandrina Robu-Cepoi

Vice- President
Human Rights, Culture, Education and Woman Committee

Andrea Gelfi

Honorary President

Patrik Kovács

Honorary President
Head of the Global Committee

Florin Jianu

Honorary President

Michele Orzan

Head of the Advisory Board

Advisory board

JEUNE’s Advisory Board is a supportive organizational body of highly esteemed entrepreneurs, economic players, policy-makers, and acclaimed companies who share JEUNE’s values on the critical role of young entrepreneurs in the European economy. They are eager to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and care about the future by fostering its mission. Its primary function is to provide reliable knowledge, information, and advice on strategic and concrete issues to enhance the organization’s visibility, feasibility, functioning, international embedding/networking, and cohesion. Moreover, the Advisory Board:

Our Members

During the past 20 years, JEUNE has built up an extensive network and ecosystem that contribute to its work in promoting entrepreneurship and representing young entrepreneurs of Europe.

Membership benefits

Get Privileged Informations

Receive up-to-date information on EU policies destined to young entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Projects

Participate in JEUNE’s European projects.

Valuable Meetings

Representatives come to Brussels & JEUNE goes to them (meetings in Stuttgart, Barcelona, Brussels, and other cities.)

International Conferences

Participate in international conferences (e.g. GEC 2017 in Johannesburg,South Africa).

High-level Conferences

Participate in high-level conferences organized by JEUNE in Brussels (e.g., Young Entrepreneurs’ Day in the European Parliament in 2017 in collaboration with OECD, EC, EIF, EP).

Cooperate in a large organisation

Be part of the largest European organisation, exchange experiences and learn from others.

“Thoughts are things! Powerful things that can turn into riches if you mix them with definiteness of purpose and burning desire.”

Andrea Gelfi

JEUNE Honorary President


Experience you can trust, service you can count on. Jeune – your partners in profit!

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    Our activities

    JEUNE being the largest European-wide network of young entrepreneurs aims to establish new and strengthen existing global relations with NGOs, governments, and companies concerned with young entrepreneurship development.



    JEUNE cooperates in common researches about young people and entrepreneurship, – establishing partnerships which can form a basis of exchange of ideas, knowledge, and best practices, –through common workshops and other events for ingfor promotion of young entrepreneurship.

    B2B Meetings

    JEUNE can organize B2B meetings among representatives of different young entrepreneurs’ organizations.


    Strategic Partnership

    JEUNE creates strategic partnership relations in Europe with large European or global companies whose communicated value is matching with JEUNE principles.

    Estabilishing Channels

    JEUNE establishes new external market channels for Europe’s young entrepreneurs – implementing common projects and applications – and cooperates in the global representation of issues of young entrepreneurship.

    Promoting EU models

    JEUNE facilitates the economic relations of each European country with the EU and promotes entrepreneurship ideas and models among the young people, thus contributing to their European integration.
    Forum Ministro Franceschini

    Decison Making

    JEUNE harmonizes and channels the opinions and needs of the young entrepreneurs to European decision makers.

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